Hi, my name is Neil and thanks for visiting my website and showing an interest in my wedding photography. I was born and raised in Reading and upon leaving college back in the 80’s I took a few dead end jobs before setting up a portrait studio with my father John. Photography was always my passion and it was therefore a dream come true to make a living from it. The studio specialises in photographing families and children. In addition to this I photography around 25 weddings a year. I live just a few minutes away from the studio and am happily married with 2 teenage kids.

I’m genuinely interested in other cultures and have a real passion for travel and meeting people. Its why wedding photography is the ideal profession for me. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of Europe as well as America and Australia. Its a great opportunity to try out my language skills as well. I’m pretty conversant in French, German, Danish and Dutch so am always looking at every opportunity to try these out even though everyone wants to speak English to me !

I love foreigh language films, the arty ones and Nordic Noir in particular. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday evening than watching this with a glass or two of the finest Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand ones of course). I also love to wander around towns and cities with my camera watching the world go by, visiting museums and galleries, drinking coffee and eating local food in small, rustic cafes.

I’m also a big music fan and love attending summer festivals. Not done Glastonbury yet but have been to Roskilde (saw The Stones !), Reading and Hyde Park. This summer 2017, I’ll be seeing my favourite band, Radiohead, play in Denmark and Israel. A pretty devoted fan !

My other big passion is following Reading Football Club since my early teens.  I’ve experienced all the highs and lows over the years from watching league 2 football with 2 or 3 thousand other brave souls to going to Wembley with 80 thousand fans. Not forgetting the record breaking season of 106 points in 2005/6.

 My style and philosophy

I’ve always been a bit of rebel at heart and hate following the crowd. Its why I believe my photography is suited to those who want something different other than the usual cheesey and generic styles you see everywhere. So if you love documentary photography like myself and regard it as a timeless art form then I’m the wedding photographer for you.

What you can expect from me is artistic, fun and quirky photography. I don’t work to formulas and approach every wedding totally unbiased with raw honesty. I photography exactly what I see and what it feels like.

So on the wedding day I’ll be almost invisible, just capturing the day as it unfolds without directing, setting up or posing. Of course I’ll do some formal groups and some portraits as I still regards these as being very important.

I love photographing weddings (the proof being that I have shot over one thousand of them !) and still have that excitement and buzz before each one. I’ve photographed weddings all over the UK as well as Europe and have even gone as far as Australia. Have camera will travel  🙂

Photography is my passion and if I ever get to the stage where I’m doing it solely for money then that is the time to give it up. As well as my wedding photography please check out my personal work and my Instagram pages below to give you a better idea of my philosophy and how I work.

Why you should book me

* 30+ years experience of shooting weddings, having shot well over one thousand – Less chance of me botching up !

* Truthful and honest photography. Photography free from trends and gimmickry, photography that wont date.

* I’m a great guy to have around, I get on with everyone.  See what my clients say !

* Small cameras and minimal equipment. I’ve recently moved over to shooting with Fuji XT-2 cameras. Why is this important you may ask ? It means I blend in better with your guests, I don’t look like the official photographer as they are much smaller, almost pocketable. With their tilt screens I also have much more choice of different angles. As expected I carry spare cameras, lenses and flash guns should anything go wrong.

* In the event of illness I have many excellent colleagues who can cover me at very short notice. I’m a member of several forums and we occasionally help each other out in emergencies. These will be very experienced wedding photographers, not part timers or students, who work in a very similar style to me.

* I have all the usual insurance stuff including public liability and professional indemnity.

* I’m a fully qualified member of The Master Photographers Association (MPA) In the unlikely event you’re not happy with my service or product then you can contact them for advice.

* Simple a la carte pricing. I charge per hour so you can decide how long you want me for. If you only require a few hours coverage right up to a full day I have appropiate pricing


Syon House Wedding Photographer



Bonnie and Mark – wedding Syon Park, Middlesex – ‘Thanks again Neil. Mark and I are completely delighted with your work and you’re amongst the top wedding photojournalists in the UK — we looked at the best in the UK amongst many, many others but are so happy we went with you. You are at least as talented, if not more so, far better value and a great person to boot! Bonnie’