couple saying their vows, shot through foliage

David and Leona’s wedding at The Phyllis Court Club in Henley On Thames

It’s been ages since I photographed Phyllis Court. I think it was back in 1994 and I remember it clearly because it was the first ever wedding to be held there just after the The Marriage Act 1994. This meant that weddings could now take place at any approved venue, not just churches or register offices. As a result it was quite a newsworthy item and I remember the local press being there to report on the day and take photos of the couple for the next edition of the local paper. I was therefore delighted to get the opportunity to return to photograph David and Leona’s wedding on a beautiful and warm September’s day.

Natural and Candid Wedding Photography

From my initial meetings with David and Leona they were quite clear they preferred the natural, candid style of photography. This is something I specialise in anyway so we were a good match from the start. So throughout the day I captured events exactly as they happened, nothing posed, set up or endless group shots. This all started when I photographed Leona getting ready upstairs in the main hotel. She was shortly joined by David and the bridesmaids  before making their way across the lawn to the new pavilion for the wedding ceremony. This is a fantastic building perfect for photography with lots of light with great views across The Thames toward Henley and the Chilterns. Once I had photographed the ceremony all the guests were served cnapes and champagne in the pavilion and also outside on the lawn. During this time I managed to take many candid shots as well as a few formal groups. Luckily I could take a shot of the whole wedding party from the top of the pavilion looking down on the guest below on the lawn.

Evening wedding reception

Finally as dusk approached the large dining rooms in the main building were prepared for the evening reception. So everyone headed back in for the wedding breakfast and speeches. This included a fantatstic sweet trolley, very popular with the kids ! This went on for several hours during which the guests could relax and enjoy the informal surroundings with the option to go outside and enjoy the wonderful views across the river.   This was a lovely, informal wedding in such a beautiful setting and venue. You can see from my selection of images below what an enjoyable day everyone had.

So if you are considering having a wedding at Phyllis Court and are interested in my style of photography please feel free to get in touch, I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Please have a quick look first at a slideshow I made of my favourites.


bride with hairdresser

bride with make up artist, guest taking photo

young bridesmaids getting ready

young bridesmaid trying on bride's shoe

hotel staff preparing reception room

groom walking across lawn, pink flowers in foreground

groom greeting guests at pavilion entrance

groom explaining to guests where to sit

young bridesmaid by covered riverside path

guest kissing groom, shot from high up

three guests walking across lawn from high up

young guests in playful mood

bride helping mum adjust flower

bride about to meet registrars

groom alone walking across lawn toward pavilion

guest underneath marquee

groom and hotel manager discussing where to walk

groom sees bridesmaids for the first time

bride and groom at top of stairs chatting with registrar

bride and groom last minute chat before leaving hotel

registrar and bridal party leaving main buiding

bride, groom, bridesmaids exiting hotel

bride, groom and bridesmaid walking along riverside

bride at top of pavilion steps

bride and groom just outside pavilion about to enter

registar assistant encouraging young bridesmaid to walk forward

bride and groom enter ceremony room, guests looking on

groom looks nervously at bride

bride and groom laughing and clapping to speech

bride and groom listening to registrar

registrar reading to couple

guest giving reading whilst registrar prepares for signing

bride and groom watching guest giving reading

guests sat down watching ceremony

best man giving reading, couple looking on

groom placing ring on brides finger

bride reading vows from book held by registrar

couple saying their vows

young bridesmaid 'high fiving' with guest

manager chatting with waiter

guests applauding couple

bride and groom chatting with young bridesmaid

bridesmaids walking down the aisle

married couple walking down the aisle

smiling, newly married couple leaving pavilion

waiter offering soft drink to bridesmaid

bride and groom with their kids walking through pavilion

laughing guest with bride

waitress offering champagne

guest taking a photo

guest offering soft drink to bridesmaid

bride and father walking, having a chat

guests with wedding hats drinking wine

young bridesmaid doing 'high fives'

older guest mirrored in pavilion window

guests chatting with light above them

guesting with champagne listening to friend

guest with hand on hip

young bridesmaid having shoes done up by granmother

guest playing with two youngsters on lawn

landscape shot of rowers on the thames

guests drinking champagne, shot through reflecting window

guest in blue dress holding champagne glass

four guests in fireground, children playing in background

panoramic view shot through pavilion doors

young guest drinking orange juice

guest scratching back

guests chatting animatedly

guests chatting and laughing

silhouettes of 4 guests in pavilion

guest tying shoe laces

guest looking around corner

bridesmaid and mum's hands

guest taking a photo holding plastic bag

black and white abstract shot through reflecting window

guest mirrored in pavilion window

two female guests chatting with guest in background

two guests photographed through reflecting glass

back and white silhouette of guest drinking champagne

guests chatting with thames in the background

groom chatting with guest outside pavilion

two youngsters playing on lawn, one crying

pensive young guest with hula hoop

bride and guests on lawn early evening sun

father taking son for a walk along riverside

couple chatting shot through reflecting window

guests chatting, rowers in background

guests enjoying champagne in pavilion

young guest with pink hat and feather boa

hands on table

view from pavilion across the thames

two bridesmaids playing on lawn, pink hat in background

latecomer to the formal group shot

formal group photo of everyone from above

guest with glass of champagne looking into space

two groups chatting, one guest looking at shoe

young guest photographed by mother

couple walking with lots of drinks

guests cahtting on the banks of the thames

young guest staring at wedding cake

close up of guest's camera back

couple looking at ceiling with camera

doubtful looking guest

couple smiling and chatting

father carrying his young son over shoulder

shy young guest

groom giving speech

bride looking at groom, guests in background applauding

bride and grooming toasting with parents

children playfully fighting, adults intervening

mother showing her son photos on piano

guest book and pens on table

young guest playing on the floor

cards for teh couple in a cage

toddler having a messy meal

four light aircraft flying overhead

young bridesmaid with broom stick

children running and playing

guests chatting, waitress in background

guest holding coffee cup

landscape shot of the thames from main reception

guests drinking coffee

guests chatting animatedly

guests chatting

mother and son with camera

three guests sleeping

guests chatting with wine

young guest photographing grandma

So if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Phyllis Court Wedding please get in touch.