Once again happy new year to everyone and may it be a prosperous one.

OK, a lot to blog this month so I thought I’d start off with my recent success in the 3rd Quarter competition of the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association)

I gained 2 successes both in the ‘Ceremony’ category with a 7th and 12th placing. Apparently there were nearly 14 thousand entries so I was pretty please to get not only one but two. The first image below was from Serena and Ivan’s hindu wedding ceremony in Northants which came 7th. The second image is from Suzie and Lars wedding at Syon Park which came 12th.



JUDGES COMMENTS: Nice to see some other kinds of weddings rather than traditional caucasian American weddings. I realize wedding photographers take the jobs given to them, but it is important for building even a diverse body of work to take advantage of all the different kinds of cultures.

Award winning photographer in Berkshire


JUDGES COMMENTS: The beauty of light and composition combines artfully with the solemnity of the bride. Yet, the scene itself is radiant, bathed in light and framed by shades of grey that vanish into black. A bridesmaid smiles in the background echoing the path from light to dark, from smile to downward gaze. What a beautiful image.

UP NEXT – Teeks and Nick’s Sydney wedding